Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Shadows of Hope By Georgiana Daniels

A story of hope in the aftermath of inconceivable betrayal and broken dreams
What if. . .
. . .you struggled with infertility but unknowingly befriended your husband’s pregnant mistress?

What if. . .
. . .the woman you were seeing behind your wife’s back gets pregnant, threatening your job and marriage?

What if. . .
. . .your boyfriend never told you he was married and you discover you’re pregnant?

Crisis pregnancy worker Marissa Moreau suspects her husband is cheating, but little does she know how close to home her husband’s infidelity hits. College student Kaitlyn Farrows is floundering after a relationship with her professor leaves her pregnant. Soon she lands a job and a support system at the local pregnancy resource center and things seem to be turning around. But when Marissa and Kaitlyn become friends, neither one knows they share a connection—Colin, Marissa’s husband and Kaitlyn’s former professor. When their private lives collide, the two women must face the ultimate test of their faith and choose how to move forward as they live in the shadows of hope.

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Georgiana Daniels resides in the beautiful mountains of Arizona with her super-generous husband and three talented daughters. She graduated from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor's degree in public relations and now has the privilege of homeschooling by day and wrestling with the keyboard by night. She enjoys sharing God's love through fiction and is exceedingly thankful for her own happily ever after.

My Thoughts...

I was so excited about reading this book. I had never read anything by this author and so as a book lover always looking for a new author. I set out with an open mind. I was enjoying the book until the end.
As an avid reader, the ending was rather abrupt for me.
It took me over the cliff and left me hanging. I did ask the author if there was a book 2 and she said no.
I sadly have to give this book 3 stars.
I will try her again if she writes another book in the future.
The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are our own.


  1. Not one that I would want to read.

  2. In the review, this sounds like a great book, but like you, Mary, I don't like those kind of endings so I will pass on this one. Thanks for your honest opinion.

  3. Hey there Mary I hope that you and Bee man are doing good.

  4. I have never heard of this author before. Not real sure about this one.

  5. Nice honest review this is why I keep coming back.

  6. I like that you tell it like it is, Mary. Endings are crucial and I hate that this one is not as it should be. I am still intrigued by this story and would like to read it.

  7. My review of this is coming up soon, and I have many of the same thoughts. This book just left me hanging too much and had too many questionable contents for being a Christian novel. Thanks for sharing your review.