Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Decoding Your Dreams By Jennifer LeClaire

What is God saying to you in your dreams?
Decoding Your Dreams provides an in-depth explanation of the true source of our dreams, dream classifications, and even dream symbols.
There are dozens of mentions of dreams in the Bible. From Abraham to Joseph, from Daniel all the way to Pontius Pilot’s wife, God has communicated with His people through dreams throughout recorded history.
Why would God choose to speak to us while we sleep?
Perhaps it’s because we are too distracted during the day to sit still long enough for Him to share the deep secrets of His heart.
Jennifer LeClaire is convinced God speaks to us in ways that are very personal. At times he may use pictures, memories, impressions, or even a still small voice.
Let Decoding Your Dreams help you embrace your Spirit-inspired dreams!

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Jennifer LeClaire is an internationally recognized author, apostolic-prophetic voice to her generation, and conference speaker. She is founder of Awakening House of Prayer, Awakening Blaze prayer movement, Ignite prophetic network. She has written many best-selling books, including Mornings With the Holy Spirit and The Making of a Prophet.

My Thoughts...

LeClaire gives you lots of examples from the Bible, and give good insight to the opinions that she has.
I would think this is a book that you add to other books to help you understand your dreams.
Biblically she has where to find her stories in the Bible so you are not lost and it helps you understand after reading your Bible.
To me it's not a book interpreting your dreams so you may want to look elsewhere. It's more of a listen to God more then about your dreams book.
I gave this book 3 stars. Give it a shot it may be what you are looking for.
   The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are our own.


  1. This does not sound like something I would read. Witchcraft book maybe? I will pass on it.

  2. I have always wished I knew what my dreams were telling me.

  3. Sounds interesting. Thanks for Sharing it here.

  4. So glad you are back posting again.

  5. Great review but I think I'll pass on this one. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  6. Sounds like an interesting book, just not sure if it's something I would read. Thanks for your thoughts, Mary! :-)

  7. I'd read it !! Blessings DanaGirl