Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Toothella By Kristin Neva

When the tooth fairy doesn't show up, there must be an explanation. Toothella is a tooth fairy in training. She enjoys her missions -- sometimes too much. She gets sidetracked by all the fun toys in the kids' rooms.

Getting distracted happens to the best of us. Parents and tooth fairies fail. Fortunately, Toothella gets a second chance. And now, parents have a book to pull off the shelf to read to a heartbroken child.

Children will love this delightful character and the colored-pencil illustrations created by sixteen-year-old illustrator Josiah Mleko.

Songs to accompany Toothella can be found on the author's website:

Ages 3+

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Kristin Neva grew up in an old farmhouse on Copper Island in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula where the hard-working, rugged residents persevere through harsh winter weather, sustained by friendship and family, surrounded by natural beauty. As an adult, she lived in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas for seventeen years before returning to the her hometown with her husband and two children.

Kristin’s first book, Heavy, co-authored with her husband, Todd, journeys through the first year after Todd’s ALS diagnosis as the Nevas struggle to find meaning, hold on to faith, and discover joy in the midst of pain.

It is this life experience that brings authenticity to Kristin’s fictional works as she explores themes of love, loss, and faith on Copper Island. Her quirky characters are endearing and wholesome. But they are also full of healthy grit, humor, flaws, and appetites.

Learn more about Kristin and explore Copper Island at

My Thoughts...

This was such a cute children's book.
Easy to understand for kids 3 years old and older. Fun illustrations that will hold their attention.
I could not get over a 16 year old doing the illustrations. Very well done.
This would be such a cute gift or stocking stuffer.
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  1. How neat that a 18 year old did the pictures. I need to check this one out.

  2. The nursery might like this one. I will share it with them.

  3. Thanks for sharing this cute kids book Mary.

  4. This sounds like a cute story my grand-girl would love! Amazing that a 16 year old illustrates it, how fun. :-)

    Thanks for your review, Mary!