Thursday, December 19, 2019

Blood Creek By Kimberly Collins

"She always wanted more than she had. Would it ever be enough?"
In 1912 West Virginia, starving coal miners are arming themselves and threatening to strike. Wealthy coal operators have hired the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency to protect their fortunes and crush the rebellious miners by whatever means necessary--no matter how violent. Long-smoldering resentments are about to erupt into one of the largest armed insurrections in US history: The West Virginia Coal Mine Wars.
In the midst of this powder keg atmosphere, Ellie Cline arrives in Charleston on the arm of John Havers, a top lieutenant to Tom Felts himself. Ellie becomes the envy and talk of Charleston high society. Young, breathtaking, and, as the gossips whisper behind her back, a kept woman. Ellie doesn't mind the gossip. She adores being the center of attention. She loves the parties, the fine dresses, the jewelry. This is the life she always believed she deserved. Could it at last be enough?
But Ellie has a past--and secrets. A husband on the run for killing her lover. A baby daughter living with her cousin back in Matewan. A new lover she sneaks into her bed while Havers is away. And her biggest secret of all--Ellie is a spy.
Uniquely positioned to know the battle plans of both sides, Ellie straddles two worlds--the sparkling, high society life of Charleston and the family roots that still twine deep into the coal dust of Matewan. Now Ellie must choose between luxury and loyalty, between escape from drab small town poverty and love for her family.

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Kimberly grew up in Matewan, West Virginia. Home of the Hatfield & McCoy feud and the legendary Matewan Massacre that sparked right in the middle of downtown in 1920. It’s been many years since Kimberly lived in West Virginia, but she does go home as often as she can. She loves those mountains, the river, the people, the history—all of it. Kimberly currently lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Kimberly is currently working on The Massacre (Mingo Chronicles: Book Two). Mingo Chronicles is a fictional account of the historic southern West Virginia mine wars that took place in the early 1900s. The Mingo series follows the lives of several dynamic women bound by fierce loyalty, love, and death. It's complete with murder, love, betrayal, a brothel, and those beautiful mountains. Mingo Chronicles has a cast of characters that won’t soon be forgotten.

The rich history and spicy characters of Appalachia fueled Kimberly’s imagination from a young age and provided a lifetime of stories. She intends to be the go-to storyteller of some of Appalachia’s darkest secrets.

You can find Kimberly's website at or follow her on social media: Facebook: @KimberlyCollinsAuthor | Instagram: @kimberlycollins_author | Twitter: @Kimberly_Author 

My Thoughts...
This was a very well written and researched book. My family being from Mingo County I know the story well and Collins did a fantastic job with this book. I recommend this book. I can't for the next book to hit the shelves.
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