Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Life in a Ride By Mark Bloom

When a longtime struggling actor has to move from his rent-controlled apartment to a higher-priced building, the financial burden becomes very stressful. Fortunately, he has a solution: He becomes an Uber driver. What begins merely as a side gig to help cover bills becomes a fascinating exploration of the human condition. Whether it’s the burnt-out rock n’ roll musician trying to find one last spark, the carefree spoken-word artist who oozes vitality and confidence, the threatening drunk on his way home from a night of carousing, or the wise sage who has the perfect advice at just the right time, each ride takes on a life of its own. All the while, the characters, conversations, connections, and conflicts that he’s exposed to help him navigate his own journey. A journey that includes looking after his ailing mom, riding the Tinseltown rollercoaster, and simply trying to better understand life itself.

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Mark Bloom is a Los Angeles native who has appeared on over forty television shows and commercials over the years. He is also a part-time photographer, a sports junkie, and (for the time being) an occasional Uber Driver. 

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