Tuesday, December 8, 2020

My Dad My Dog By Rebecca Warner


When she moves her Alzheimer’s-afflicted dad into the home she shares with her husband and elderly dog, Rachel Morgan expects some complications, but she never imagines the biggest one will occur on the first day, threatening her best-intentioned caregiving plans.

Her normally sweet-natured dad—a former mailman who experienced too many run-ins with biting dogs—is adamant about wanting nothing to do with her big black Labrador. But as Rachel tends to the escalating physical and emotional needs of each, she notices the striking similarities in their aging processes, and realizes these two souls whom she loves deeply are on the same journey.

With time working against her, Rachel must find a way to transform their uneasy truce into a trusting companionship. In doing so, she hopes to make their shared journey less lonely and frightening—and more bearable for those who must someday let them go.

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Following a successful career in banking, Rebecca Warner pursued her dream of writing with the publication of her first book, the two-time award-winning political thriller, Moral Infidelity. Her follow-up, Doubling Back To Love, was included in the popular romantic anthology, Peace, Love and Romance. Her third book, He’s Just A Man, offers self-help advice for women seeking healthy relationships.

Rebecca blogged for HuffPost for two years while working on two new novels. One of them, My Dad My Dog, will be published by Black Rose Writing in November, 2020. Rebecca drew upon her 14 active years of being a Health Care Surrogate for her parents to write a heartwarming story about a journey that an Alzheimer’s-afflicted man and an elderly dog are destined to take together.

Rebecca and her husband, Jason, live in Asheville with their lively stumpy-tailed cattle dog, Chance. She loves dancing—from ballet to Carolina beach shag—foreign travel and spending time in nature. Visit her website at www.rebeccajwarner.com to learn more about her books and to read her blogs, which cover a wide range of topics ranging from feminism to politics to banking.

My Thoughts...
What an emotional  and heartfelt, uplifting read.  I was all tears and smiles reading this book. It came at just the right time as I lost my dad while reading this book. 
Warner has a gift, her writing style was right on point and I enjoyed this read.
I gave this book 4 stars and I hope that you grab your copy, get a few extra copies it would make a wonderful gift.
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