Monday, December 28, 2020

When Anxiety Strickes By Jason and Dena Hobbs


“Fear not.” “Do not be afraid.” “Peace be with you.” Phrases like these appear in the Bible more often than almost any other proclamation. We long to follow these commands. Yet for many, something inside us is wary, ready for anything and everything to go wrong. In fact, a quarter of Americans struggle with anxiety disorders--and Christians are not immune.

Jason and Dena Hobbs are familiar with this struggle, professionally and personally--Jason as a clinician, Dena as someone with anxiety, and both as pastors of congregations full of anxious people. They also know the shame and confusion that so often accompany these disorders, especially for people who think their faith should be strong enough to overcome these struggles. With their deep understanding, they’ve written When Anxiety Strikes, an eight-week guide to managing anxiety, grounded in both Scripture and research.

Structured for daily reading, with integrated practices for everyday life, the book addresses seven themes: breath, body, movement, mind, change, spirit, and community. Concise stories, readings, questions, and activities guide readers to tackle the realities of living with anxiety. When Anxiety Strikes offers real solutions to find a solid landing place when the storm of fear looms.

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Dena Douglas Hobbs, M.Div. served as an minister in the United Methodist Church for six years before leaving parish ministry to raise her two young children. She continues to preach, teach groups, and lead retreats and workshops in local congregations. Dena holds a Master of Divinity from Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Georgia. She blogs at

My Thoughts...
This is a valuable resource in this trying time we are living in. It seems as if we are all dealing with anxiety and to have this tool is a must.
Mental heath is so important and have a guide such as this one is a real gift. 
I recommend this 4 star book. If you have a friend or loved one struggling with Anxiety or depression please gift them a copy of this very helpful guide.
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  1. I need this book, this year has been so bad and I feel the next 4 years are going to be worse.

  2. Who that's still alive don't need to read this, no wait a minute if the dead can vote then they can read right? I need to rephrase this.