Thursday, September 30, 2021

The Secret of Rainy Days By Leslie Hooton


Growing up in Erob, Alabama, Nina "Little Bit" Barnes Enloe lived in the shadow of her imposing and harsh grandmother, Nina "Biggie" Barnes Enloe. If she wasn't being bossed around by Biggie, then the task fell to her best friend Win...who did win. At everything. Bit never seemed to share Win's lifetime supply of “lucky dust.” Perhaps the only thing Bit has ever chosen for herself is her friendship with Avery, the out-of-towner who showed up on the saddest day of her life―unpretentious and decidedly un-Southern―with a funeral casserole in hand.

Bit believes she can escape her grandmother’s controlling grip once and for all by moving somewhere where she is the only Nina Enloe listed: New York. Yet her world is turned upside down when an unexpected loss forces her to leave her new life in the city and return to Erob, where she must face everything―and everyone―she left behind. In the process, Bit discovers her true identity, learns the hard lessons of acceptance and forgiveness, finds herself falling in love in unexpected places, and finds comfort in the secrets of rainy days.

Leslie Hooton, author of Before Anyone Else, brings her signature wit and Southern charm to the page again in this triumphant coming-of-age story. 

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Leslie Hooton is many things: a fabulous friend, a powerful speaker, a flower enthusiast, and a lover of language, but most recently an author. You don’t want to miss her fantastic debut novel, Before Anyone Else.

Leslie attended the Sewanee Writer's Conference, and studied with Alice McDermott, Jill McCorkle, and Richard Bausch. Growing up in a small Alabama town, Leslie went on to earn her B.A. and M.A. from Auburn University and J.D. from Samford University. She became intrigued by people and discovered everyone has their own unique stories.

Leslie resides in Charlotte, North Carolina and is currently finishing her much-anticipated sequel to Before Anyone Else. 

My Thoughts...
I love Southern Fiction and I love coming of age stories. I get both with Hooton's books. I really enjoyed this one.
I love small town reads. Hooton makes the small town seems so real. There is no mistake that this is going to be a huge hit.
4 stars and highly recommend. 
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