Sunday, October 30, 2022

if I were a Tiger by Caroline Coleman


A whimsical and playful rhyming picture book about a young boy who imagines himself as a tiger to overcome his fearsonly to realize that he can trust in God.

Meet Tim Bone. He has a big imagination, and when it roams wild, he’s afraid of a lot of things. He's scared of the moon and the wailing typhoon, and he won't wear his sneakers because he fears hidden creatures. Tim's nervous at home, at school, and at play!
Fed up with being frightened, Tim comes up with a bold solution: He’s going to become a tiger so he can be fiercer than his fears! There’s just one problem: If he’s a tiger, he can’t be 
Tim. Could there be a better solution? What if Tim puts his trust in God—who made both boys and tigers—instead?

If I Were a Tiger invites kids of all ages to live in the comforting truth that no one has to carry their fears alone, and offers the reminder that God is only a prayer away. 

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Caroline Coleman writes for all ages. Her debut picture book, IF I WERE A TIGER, is available for pre-order and her biographical novel, LOVING SOREN, tells the true story of the woman who loved Soren Kierkegaard. Caroline has an English degree from Princeton, a fiction MFA from Brooklyn College and teaches English as an adjunct at Hunter College.

This is such a cute children's book with a fantastic message.