Friday, October 21, 2022

Outright Changes in a Outrages World by Cassandra Burkart

 The negative effects of the global pandemic prompted many to wonder whether they could move through their fears and rebuild themselves from the inside out to attain boldness, courage, and peace within. Cassandra Burkart relies on her investigative skills as a chemical engineer and inquisitive nature as a certified life coach to share six fundamental principles to activate lasting positive change and grow personally, even during chaotic times. While leading others on a transformative journey that includes insight into her own experiences, Burkart teaches how to establish a purpose, take an inventory of the past to gain clarity of the present, accept responsibility to own the future, move toward goals and self-fulfillment, overcome common hindrances, and complete regular life and action assessments. Throughout her roadmap, Burkart encourages others to eradicate negative thoughts and emotions and unlock hidden potential to live their best life, all while positively impacting others around them. Outright Changes in an Outrageous World shares a simplified six-step process that guides anyone seeking lasting positive change to realize a life of happiness and fulfillment.

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