Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Chicano Bakes by Esteban Castillo


With Chicano Eats: Recipes from My Mexican American Kitchen, Esteban Castillo offered his readers a look into his life, family, and culture. For Esteban, sharing stories and recipes from his childhood was a cathartic experience, and seeing so many people make and enjoy the foods that meant so much to him growing up was a dream come true.

Now, this rising food star mines his culinary roots once more. Chicano Bakes features many of the mouthwatering delights Esteban enjoyed throughout his childhood, from Pan Dulce Mexicano (Mexican Sweet Bread), Postres (Desserts), and Pasteles (Cakes) to Antojitos (Bites) and Bebidas (Drinks). Here are easy-to-make recipes sure to become fan favorites, including:

 Pan Dulce Mexicano (Mexican Sweet Bread)

Conchas de Vainilla (Vanilla Conchas)

Tres Leches Cake

Churro Cheesecake

Red Velvet Chocoflan

Ponche de Granada (Pomegranate Punch)

Tamales de Elote (Sweet Corn Tamales)

Strawberry Guava Shortbread Bars



Tamales de Chile Rojo (Red Chile Beef Tamales)

Rompope (Mexican Milk Punch)

Esteban encourages everyone—no matter their level of experience in the kitchen—to get baking, especially those in his community who may be intimidated or discouraged by other cookbooks that overlook their cultural tastes and traditions. Illustrated with more than 100 bright and inviting photographs that capture the flavor of the Chicano Eats brand, Chicano Bakes is an homage to a culture that has existed in the U.S. for generations—and whose influence continues to grow.

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Esteban is a queer Chicano (Mexican-American) who lives in Central California with his partner Billy and three dogs, Nomi, Rigby and Jepsen. He is a communications specialist and graphic designer by day, and a home cook and reality tv connoisseur by night. He is also the author of the award-winning food blog, “Chicano Eats” where he explores his bicultural identity as a Chicano through stories and food and strives to create visibility, educate and provide context behind traditional dishes, and also strives to redefine how people in the U.S view Mexican food by presenting dishes with a very colorful and minimalistic treatment.

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