Friday, December 9, 2022

Say Goodbye to Emotional Eating by Barb Raveling GIVEAWAY!


Author Barb Raveling has been caught in the bondage of emotional eating, stuck in a cycle of gaining and losing weight—but she’s also experienced how submitting to Christ’s commands healed her broken relationship with food. In Say Goodbye to Emotional Eating, Barb shares what she’s learned to help you regain control over what, when, and why you eat.

These 100 exercises based on biblical teachings will change how you see food, dieting, and weight loss. As you read, you will

    • grow closer to God as you honestly and humbly present your struggles to Him
    • build boundaries to stop you from using food as a coping mechanism—and make emergency plans for when you’re tempted to overindulge
    • find freedom from strongholds by focusing your mind on God’s desires for your heart

    When you trade the lies that lead you to overeat for the truths that set you free, you’ll find yourself craving closeness with God above all else. Say Goodbye to Emotional Eating will help you build effective strategies for maintaining a spiritually satisfying relationship with food.

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    Barb Raveling is a podcaster and author of seven books and Bible studies in the area of personal growth. Her top-ranked podcasts, Taste for Truth and the Christian Habits Podcasts, have earned over a million downloads and continue to inspire people to break free from their strongholds and grow closer to God. Barb writes from her own experience (she's been consistently renewing her mind for life change since 2000) and her education as an executive Christian coach, certified through Coach Approach Ministries. You can connect with Barb at