Thursday, December 22, 2022

Girls Can by Deb Preston

 Girls Can is the heart-to-heart that every girl aged three to eight NEEDS to hear. It celebrates that girls can play princesses... or brave knights! Its pages follow powerful and confident young girls as they skateboard, build robots, adventure outdoors, and explore careers as doctors, pilots, farmers, law enforcement, and more.

But the book does so much more than imagine girls in under-represented arenas. Underlying every playful rhyme, and bringing it all home at the end of the book, Girls Can equips and empowers young girls with the mental scripts they need to overcome stereotypes. Emphasizing themes like acceptance that some may not understand them and allowing their actions to speak for themselves, it reassures young girls that they DO have a place in this world and in fact, were born for it.

After years of writing about parenting, Deb Preston makes a powerful debut as she shifts to speak directly to children with her first picture book, Girls Can. Exploring a wide range of interests and bolstering girls' self-esteem with sincerity, humor, and irresistible confidence, you'll want a copy for every young girl in your life.

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Deb Preston is an author, editor, wife, mother, amateur gardener, and cheese lover. Originally from Iowa, she now lives just outside of San Antonio, Texas with her husband, daughter, and unnecessarily loud beagle. Deb always wanted to be a writer as a child, but fell back on a more stable career when she gained her BS in Health and Exercise Science at Oral Roberts University and her MA in Management and Leadership at Liberty University. However, she always felt called back to writing, as both a career and ministry.

When her daughter was born, she yearned for an opportunity to laugh, cry, connect with, and encourage other moms in the same crazy boat. She launched her blog in 2017 to meet those needs and has been writing about parenthood, faith, and health ever since. You can find her writing on her website and its social media channels, on Her View From Home, or in any of her books.