Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Warrior Mother by Victoria Riollano


Whether it's a battle of wills with their kids, a spiritual battle for their hearts, or a battle to wake up and take on another day of parenting, moms are faced with challenges every day. But what does it really look like to become a warrior for Christ, fully relying on his strength? How can moms find the energy to even step onto the field?

Victoria Riollano is determined to challenge and empower every mother who needs motivation. It isn't about new tricks to manage a child's behavior; it's about seeking spiritual transformation for mom! 
Warrior Mother offers an intellectual and spiritual deep dive that's practical and authentic, meeting mothers right where they are.

Warrior Mother is the playbook moms need to move from defeated to defender. It's packed with biblical insights to encourage, reminders of mothers in Scripture who are examples of faithful trust, encouragement to connect with our Commander through prayer, and reflection questions about past battles and reframing strategies for the future. Join Victoria and equip your heart for victorious parenting!

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Who am I?

My name is Victoria Riollano, but I have the honor of being called mom by seven little people....

Wife of 16 years by Pastor Joe Riollano

Professor by my psychology students around the world!

Pastor by our lovely church members.

However, I love to call myself Victory! Why so, because I spent my life feeling defeated, trapped in comparison, and weary (while being an active church member ouch!)

Here's the truth, as a preacher's granddaughter, I grew up as no stranger to basic Christian ideas. However, I truly spent many years confused about who God was and what it meant for me. At the age of 19, I accepted Christ and was baptized at Church of The Harvest International. My true passion is that every person I encounter experiences the love of Christ. I believe that God's desire is that every person become one who can walk in true victory. The defeated life that is lonely, confused, and lackluster is not for those who know who they are in Christ. My hope is that each moment of inspiration that the Lord gives me for this page will be to help YOU realize that you are victorious. And when you begin to walk in victory in your life, you can't help but tell the world! He has delivered me from being depression, suicidal thoughts, fear, and so much more...His love for me makes it impossible to keep quiet! My VICTORY SPEAKS!

Since then, I have served as assistant youth minister, middle school coordinator, MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) assistant coordinator, and more! My most rewarding ministry experience has been launching Enlighten Church in Stafford, Va alongside my husband Pastor Joe Riollano. I currently serve as the Co-Pastor and Worship Leader within our church. I am excited to say I have also begun recording music found on all available platforms!

In addition to my work in ministry, I have made education a priority in my life. I have attained a Bachelor's Degree in Developmental Psychology and a Master's in Child and Adolescent Psychology. I love learning about personality and behavior and recognizing how God created us all so intricately unique. This love has helped to become a Professor of Social and Developmental Psychology at Toccoa Falls College, Crown College, and Oral Roberts University. In addition, I have found a true love for speaking to local mom's groups and ministering to churches in the DC area through worship.

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