Thursday, May 18, 2023

Heaven Scent by Kristi Copeland


Through a heartfelt interview, the bandmembers of Heaven Scent share stories of love, loss, and forgiveness, allowing them to reminisce and revisit their roots.

Best friends Charlie, Alli, and Sara share an intense love of music and one common dream: to be rock stars. Determined to transform their ordinary life, they form a band—Heaven Scent.

After booking a gig at their smalltown dive bar, Heaven Scent skyrockets to local fame, and residents from surrounding towns flock to their shows. Negative influences often follow success, though. Charlie’s jealous family members’ constant humiliation threatens to crack the band’s presumed unbreakable bond. But pandemonium ensues when the drummer betrays the band and sends their aspirations plummeting out of control.

The dividing incident forces the remaining bandmembers to make the hardest decision of their lives—fight tooth and nail for freedom or succumb to a normal, boring, smalltown life.

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All my life, writing, sharing experiences through story-telling, and intensive research has interested me. Finally, with my first novel, all of these loves have been combined to give my readers an experience through the written word.

Like so many of my favorite books have done for me, I sincerely hope to connect with you through my writing. A simple communication style brings words off the page to a vision in your mind.

Everywhere I look, I see someone begging me to write about them. Even my husband’s dreams inspire ideas about new books! Join me as I create scenarios that could happen to anyone…and probably have. Maybe me, maybe you.