Friday, May 26, 2023

Since the Baby Came By Kathleen Bostrom

 This charming, playful story-in-verse introduces children to a variety of different poetic forms while walking them through all the twists and turns of welcoming a new baby into the family.

Mama is having a baby.
Everything’s starting to change.
God, can you tell me what happened?
Life is becoming so strange.

Since the Baby Came offers a unique take on a timeless topic. The heartfelt and humorous drama unfolds completely in verse, addressing the full range of emotions a young child experiences when a new baby joins the family—from surprise and confusion to feelings of neglect and jealousy to wholehearted tenderness and affection. The book also introduces young children to the playfulness and fun of various forms of poetry, from senryu to villanelle. 

Look out! It’s a diaper volcano!
Forgive me for being abrupt.
There isn’t much time to explain—OH!
That thing is about to erupt!

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Kathleen Long Bostrom is an accomplished author who has published over 50 books, most of them picture books for young readers. Her books have been published in over 24 languages around the world. She is a retired Presbyterian pastor who now considers her readers to be her congregation.

Kathy lives in Carlsbad, California, with her husband and little mixed-breed puppy, Sophie Grace. Her three children are all in the film business in Los Angeles. Kathy loves to read, write, walk (especially on the beach) and watch tennis.