Thursday, June 8, 2023

Extra Easy Keto by Stephanie Laska

 From USA Today and Publisher's Weekly bestselling author Stephanie Laska comes a seven-day keto kick-start that is extra easy to follow!

As seen on NBC’s 
Today show and the cover of Woman’s World magazine, Stephanie Laska shares her secrets to losing 140 pounds. If you want to lose weight on a keto-ish diet while having a life, this is the book for you. There are no complex math equations or “ridonculous” ketogenic rules to follow―think simple and stress-free! Whether you want to start a keto diet fresh or need help getting over a weight-loss hump, Stephanie Laska is here to help you begin in an Extra Easy Keto way.

Over seven days, Stephanie will lay out a workable plan in bite-sized pieces. With carb-counting cheat sheets and proven meal-planning tricks, Extra Easy Keto is doable for everyone! You can have your (sugar-free) cake and eat it too. From cheesy casseroles to low-carb cheesecakes, fat-fueled, keto-friendly foods satisfy hunger, facilitate weight loss, and taste great.

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USA Today–bestselling author and creator of DIRTY, LAZY, KETO, Stephanie Laska doesn’t just talk the talk; she walks the walk. She is one of the few keto authors who has successfully lost half of her body weight (140 pounds!) and maintained that weight loss for a decade. Her mission is to help as many people as possible fight obesity one carb at a time.

With over 18,000 positive reviews on Amazon, readers agree. DIRTY, LAZY, KETO works!

Learn how to get started the "Extra Easy Keto" way with the help of your new girlfriend, Stephanie. A ketogenic diet doesn't have to be complicated, boring, or expensive. DIRTY, LAZY, KETO is doable for everyone!

Stephanie’s honest sass and fresh approach to the keto diet break all the traditional rules of dieting. You might have caught her cooking debut with Al Roker on NBC’s Today show or seen her on the covers of Woman’s World magazine. Her story has been celebrated in articles or images shared by Parade, Fox News, U.S. News & World Report, New York Post, Reader’s Digest, Yahoo! News, First for Women, Woman’s World, Muscle & Fitness: Hers, Men’s Journal, Keto for You, runDisney, and Costco Connection. Stephanie participated in the USA Today Storytellers Project and has appeared multiple times on CBS’s GoodDay Sacramento. She has run a dozen marathons—most notably the New York City Marathon as a sponsored athlete for PowerBar. Not bad for a girl who ran her first mile (as in ever!) at close to age forty.

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My Thoughts...                                                                                                   I have been doing Keto but only lost 50 pounds then it just stalled out. After reading this book and learning and easy way to eat Keto and lose I am back taking the weight off and I feel so good. This has been a great tool for me. So of course, I highly recommend this book.                               The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review. A favorable review was not required, and all views expressed are our own.


  1. Emma this is the one I was telling you about.

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  3. I don't eat sugar, or flour so I guess I am kinda doing keto right?

  4. I just went over to amazon and put this in my cart I am placing an order today.