Friday, June 2, 2023

The LightHouse Getaway by Bebe Reed

 At the reading of her late husband’s will, Ginny Rigby discovers two things.

One: He had a secret family.

Two: She has one hour to vacate the premises before that family takes possession of her beloved home.

Grief-stricken and homeless, Ginny drives until she arrives at the foot of the emerald waters in Florida's Gulf Coast. There, she stumbles into an auction—an historical lighthouse is up for grabs to the highest bidder.

Using every last penny she has, Ginny buys the place and decides to transform the lighthouse into a beachside café. The only problem is, she's never run a restaurant before.

But even worse, how will she tell her grown daughters the shameful truth about their father?

Reece Rigby has a secret—she’s failing medical school and is afraid to tell anyone. So when she discovers that her mother needs help starting up a café in an old lighthouse, she jumps at the chance, and hopes to keep Ginny from discovering her secret.

Chandler Rigby’s successful career as a New York jewelry designer is finished. Her muse has dried up, and she feels lost. Maybe a trip to the beach will help Chandler reclaim her art.

Together, these three women will search for purpose. They will discover heartache and love, inspiration, and healing. But will the secrets they’re keeping from one another destroy their bonds, or bring these women closer together?

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My Thoughts...
I have found your next beach read. This was a fast read and I connected with the characters.  I can't wait for the second book in the Gulf Coast Getaway series.
If you have not read Reed yet grab a copy you won't be sorry.
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