Monday, October 9, 2023

Karma Under Fire by Love Hudson-Maggio

 Two societies collide: the trendy, upscale, ultra-hip universe of Atlanta and the alluring, bound-by-tradition world of old India!

Pressured by her challenging mother, Harlow Kennedy, an aspiring jewelry maker, agrees to marry politically ambitious pretty-boy Addison Whitmore. The match will elevate Harlow's non-existent social standing and guarantee financial security for life. The wedding is scheduled to take place as soon as Harlow returns from her BFF's wedding in India.

On the other side of the world, the parents of Tej Mayur, the "it" chef of Atlanta's hottest new Indian restaurant, are fretting about their son's unmarried status. They summon him home.

When Harlow meets Tej on a flight from Atlanta to Delhi, sparks fly. Unfortunately, Tej's nuptials are already being arranged by his privileged East Indian family, and Harlow is not Indian. After touching down at Indira Gandhi International, they flee one another's company--or so they think.

Karma Under Fire transports readers across the globe, and like Mississippi Masala and Crazy Rich Asians, at its core it's a vibrant heartwarming story about two young people's search for love while they navigate the uncertain path between passion and tradition. 

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Love Hudson-Maggio started writing at the tender age of five. She's lived a creative life full of writing songs, poetry, and screenplays, pursuing her MBA, and even being a member of an R&B duo that was selected to sing backup for Mary J. Blige. She’s excited to bring her first novel, Karma Under Fire, into the world. Love currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, two sons, pet morkie and family. 

My Thoughts...
This was an interesting read. I love the cover. The colors are gorgeous, and it looks really good on my bookshelf.
Thanks Suzy approved book tours for sharing this one with us.