Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Murder Most Royal by SJ Bennett


Queen Elizabeth II is looking forward to a traditional Christmas gathering with her family in Sandringham when a shocking discovery interrupts holiday plans. A severed hand has been found—but even more unsettling, she recognizes the signet ring still attached to a finger. It belongs to a scion of the St Cyr family, her old friends from nearby Ladybridge Hall. Despite the personal connection, the Queen wants to leave the investigation to the police—that is, until newspapers drag her name into the matter.

As reporters speculate about the proximity of the crime to the Crown and the police fail to investigate a suspicious accident on her doorstep, Elizabeth quietly begins to mull over the mystery herself. With help from her Assistant Private Secretary, Rozie Oshodi, she delves into the interlocking layers of fact and fiction surrounding the high-profile case. Someone in the quiet county of Norfolk seems to have a secret worth killing for, and the Queen is determined to find out who and what that is—even if that means discovering that someone in her close circle is a murderer.

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SJ Bennett is the bestselling author of the international Her Majesty the Queen Investigates series, featuring Queen Elizabeth II as a secret solver of mysteries. Sophia wrote a series of YA novels before turning to adult crime, and her books have won the Chicken House prize and the RNA Romance Novel of the Year. They have been optioned for TV and translated into over 20 languages.

Sophia once interviewed for the role of Assistant Private Secretary to the Queen. First published at the age of 42 (if you're an aspiring writer, don't give up hope), she lives in London, where she can be found in its museums, theatres, galleries and libraries.

The books in the series so far are: 1 The Windsor Knot, 2 A Three Dog Problem (published in North America as All The Queen's Men), 3 Murder Most Royal, 4 A Death in Diamonds (published in the UK in 2024)

You can find Sophia on Instagram @sophiabennett_writer, on Twitter @sophiabennett and on Facebook as SJBennettAuthor