Wednesday, October 18, 2023

The Awesome Human Journal by Nataly Kogen


An unboring, burnout-healing, joy-inducing journal inspired by the book The Awesome Human Project

We’ve somehow been convinced that a life of busyness and struggle is our only option. Nataly Kogan offers a unique experiential guide that shows us another way is possible.

The bestselling author shows us how to make the tough days a little easier, savor the good days, and create a more supportive relationship with our thoughts and emotions, so we can live with more energy and joy.

“We are all AWESOME, because each of us has something unique and special to share and contribute,” explains Nataly. “We are also HUMAN, because none of us has unlimited energy, and we can’t do all things perfectly. The only way to fully unleash your awesomeness is by honoring your humanness.”

How do you honor your humanness? By strengthening your emotional fitness, which Nataly guides you to do in this interactive journal.

You’ll learn and practice how to:
• Use the 5 emotional fitness skills of acceptance, gratitude, self-care, intentional kindness, and the bigger why
• Edit your thoughts and quiet your inner critic
• Say “no” to things that drain your energy
• Make your joy a priority without guilt
• Reduce overwhelm and fuel your motivation
• Talk back to your brain when it holds you back with fear
And many more skills that will help you embrace your Awesome Human!

Filled with simple yet surprisingly powerful (and always science-backed!) practices, inspiring Notes to Self, and Nataly’s contagious enthusiasm, this engaging journal is like having a really great friend guide you to become a better friend with yourself.

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Nataly Kogan is a leading expert in emotional fitness and leadership. After coming to the US as a refugee from the former Soviet Union, Nataly went on to have a successful career as a technology executive. But she suffered a debilitating burnout that led her to find a new way to work and live. Today, she helps hundreds of thousands of Awesome Humans struggle less and thrive more through speaking, leadership training programs, online courses, books, and The Awesome Human Podcast.