Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Travel Guide to Heaven By Anthony Destefano Giveaway!

A recent Newsweek poll reports that 76 percent of Americans believe in heaven. Yet even avid believers have difficulty conjuring up more than vague images of halos, harps, and wispy angels in flowing robes. Anthony DeStefano knew there had to be a more complete, meaningful, and comforting vision of what heaven is like, and A Travel Guide to Heaven is the entertaining and enlightening result.

Using the Bible as his guide, the author notes that heaven is not only a spiritual place, but also a physical place, a fabulous “luxury resort” more sumptuous than any on Earth. The residents are real, their bodies transformed into their most perfect selves—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. By making a spiritual subject immensely physical, the book provides a picture of amazing places to visit, things to do, luxuries for pampering—not to mention deep, abiding joy.

Combining the clarity and logic of C. S. Lewis with a terrific sense of fun and adventure, DeStefano creates a brilliant, reassuring portrait of heaven, a place that has intrigued and puzzled humankind throughout history. With its clear view of the afterlife, A Travel Guide to Heaven might best be compared to James Van Praagh's Talking to Heaven or Betty J. Eadie's Embraced by the Light in its tremendous message of comfort and reassurance.

Anthony DeStefano is the bestselling author of "A Travel Guide to Heaven," "Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To," "Angels All Around Us," and the children's books, "This Little Prayer of Mine," "Little Star," "The Donkey that No One Could Ride," and gift book, "I Just Can't Take it Anymore." He has received many prestigious awards from religious organizations worldwide for his efforts to advance Christian beliefs in modern culture. In 2013, two new children's books by DeStefano will be published: "A Travel Guide to Heaven- For Kids!" and "The Sheep that No One Could Find."

This is the third book by Anthony that I have read. It was the first one that he wrote. I want to tell you it was just as good as the first two. Anthony has a way of explaining Heaven like no one I have every seen.
I really did enjoy this look at heaven, and I know you blog readers will as well.
Let me tell you, take your time when you are reading this book, ponder on what you are reading. I am sure that you will have a whole new outlook on Heaven when you get done with this book.
I give this book 4 stars, And I recommend it.

I was given a copy of this book by the author


  1. I will be getting this book, I bought the other two that you reviewed. I can't wait. Thank you Mary.

  2. sounds like a great book. And a good study. Thanks for the great review Mary. :) Thanks for doing a giveaway. Who knows might win.

  3. About great book it sounds like I would love to add this to my collection

  4. Well well, I can't wait to read this one the other told that you told us about was very good. I loved Angels all Around us. I hope this one is half as good as it was.

    1. Sue, You are the WINNER! E-mail me your mailing address!

  5. Nice review. I want to read this.

  6. This sounds very intriguing. I would love to read this one.

  7. Would love to win this book! Thanks Mary for your review and giveaway!


  8. I have read so many good things about these books and about Anthony that I know I want to own all his books. This man stands up for his beliefs and cares about humanity. All his books will go to the top if my must read list.

    Thank you Mary for the excellent review and introducing us to yet another amazing author.

    Cathy Weber

  9. Sounds good, Mary! Thanks for the great review and recommendation!

  10. Just the kind of book I need. Being so close to death ad I wad makes you think what is it really like in heaven? Wish I could say I was turned away and kknew about it but I can't. all I do know us kind to others, and I try to do that daily if I can. its not easy when your home all the time but I do care about my fb friends and try to be there for them when I can. great review Mary.

  11. It sounds like it would be an interesting read. I would love to read it.

  12. Would love to win this book, it sounds very interesting.