Thursday, February 7, 2013

Beyond the Bluegrass By Golda Harvey Giveaway!

15 Year Nightmare of Abduction, Rape and Torture...Beyond the Bluegrass is a true story about a young woman who grew up in the backwoods of Kentucky. At sixteen years old, Golda wanted a better life and decided to leave her hometown to get a job to earn money for college. What Golda didn't know was that the path she was taking her to a place where she would be kidnapped. The police in Kentucky turned a blind eye and nobody seemed to search for her, nobody seemed to want to help even though she desperately tried to get away. Beaten and battered, she escaped, but then Golda was re-captured and forced back into submission as the man threatened to murder her family. Golda couldn't put anyone else at risk, especially her children and continued to suffer physical, sexual, and psychological abuse for years on end, hoping that she could get away once and for all. She ignored the pain, the gnawing inside her stomach, instead choosing to protect the ones she loved from pain and death. Beyond the Bluegrass depicts a woman's struggle with hope and her desire for freedom. After years of being subject to abuse, she wasn't sure if she would survive or make it out alive. For Golda, freedom would most certainly mean death. Golda's story changed from one of being a victim to being a survivor. Her story is an unflinching and honest tale of the battle with a captor and her struggle to survive.
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I only give honest reviews, and I try my best not to hurt the author. My opinions are about the book not the author.
This book was so hard to read not because of the content but because of the poor writing, I really think that Ms. Harvey needs a good editor, the story jumps around and it is not telling the whole story.
I was left not knowing how she dealt with everything , how did how kids deal with it all. Why did she go to jail? I did not get anything from the book, all of the unanswered questions, left me hanging, I did not care for it.
On the up side if a good editor gets a hold of this book, it may be a huge hit.
I was given a copy of this book by the author


  1. Mary this is why I love your blog you tell it like it is and you don't let us spend our money on books that are not worth or money and our time. Thank you for this review.

  2. Thanks for your honest review Mary!


  3. Thank, Mary for your honest review. When I read a book I want to enjoy it and don't like to waste my time if it isn't a good book. I love your blog!!!

  4. Thanks Mary.
    When I read about the story, I didn't think it was one I wanted to read.

  5. At first when I read about the story I thought it might be interesting as it sounds o similar to a woman kidnapped in Califrnia and ll the years she spent as a prisoner with years of abuse. That being said, Mary thank you or being honest about this book. I hope maybe ome day they can pull the book off and edit to make it the book it should be.

    Great review

    1. Cathy, bless your heart you are the WINNER of this one! I will get it right out in the mail to you!

  6. Well i'll be, this is not something you see everyday, you not liking a book at all. I love that you are so honest about the books that you read, I won't be buying this book.

  7. This is not your normal review, don't guess I will get a copy of this one!

  8. I still would like to read this book! Would like to read her story. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  9. Mary, thanks for the honest review. I know it is hard to give a review like this because you don't want to hurt the author, but they do ask for honesty. Great job.

  10. Thanks for your honest review, Mary. I agree with you about reviews being about the book and not the author. Constructive criticism is a good thing for all of us, and if your constructive criticism helps this author find the assistance she needs, then you have accomplished your goal.