Monday, May 6, 2013

Extreme Cruelty II By August Moore

In Extreme Cruelty I, August Moore finds himself divorced and lonely. A budding online romance with a woman named Crystal reignites his lust for life. She is everything he wants—beautiful, professional, and willing to explore the adventurous side of life. The only problem is that her job places her thousands of miles away, and for months their plans to meet are mysteriously thwarted. In a state of love-induced naïveté, August is willing to go to outrageous lengths for the woman he loves. Discovering that she comes as a “package deal” with her best friend Cheyenne, August becomes entangled in a web of duplicity and compromised values. Blinded by his new-found love, he is led down a path that yields bizarre experiences with nearly every step. Before long, August is surrounded by death and unexplained phenomenon. At the end of the path, Crystal is not all that she seems… Extreme Cruelty II picks up where Extreme Cruelty I left off, continuing through the labyrinth of lies and cruelty that August Moore endured at the hands of a crafty con-artist and a cast of characters too real to ignore. Find out what happens to the precious twins and discover the truth about the woman he loved as well as the woman he married. For August, what began as a dream come true, a love that filled his heart with joy, became a web of deceit that would destroy the heart of weaker men. However, with guidance from the Hand of God, August was able to unravel the lies and expose the truth, proving that truth really is stranger than fiction, and if you trust in God, He'll lead you through your darkest hour and bring you safely back to the comfort of His everlasting arms. A true-crime story of love, deception, and redemption, Extreme Cruelty II serves as a warning that professional con artists are actively seeking to take advantage of those who are vulnerable and willing to compromise their entire lives for the sake of love.
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August Moore was born under a different name, during an age of innocence and trust, before the dark hour of reason grew… before Extreme Cruelty changed everything. As an air force brat, August traveled extensively during his childhood, including Japan and the Republic of China (Taiwan), where his father met and married a beautiful Chinese woman. Growing up in Taiwan with an integrated family was a mixed blessing of sorts. The the people and culture of Taiwan as a whole was a fascinating experience. Before long, August was speaking just enough mandarin to be misunderstood, struggling with their tonal language, but beginning to feel more Chinese than American on the inside. He didn’t realize it at the time, but he had become a Third Culture kid. The only English speaking school in the area was a private missionary school, supported by a variety of mission groups. The students were a mixture of missionary, U.S. military, U.S. Defense contractors, and international business students. In addition, there was also a small contingent of Norwegian and Finnish students. The school was a true melting pot of the world. Many are still close friends. August playfully refers to them as the Chinese Connection. Just as his father had, August joined the military service at age eighteen. Returning to the U.S. after living overseas for nearly ten years straight was awkward. He felt like a foreigner in his own country. Home was on the other side of the planet. However, August excelled in the service, rising through the ranks fairly quickly. He enjoyed a wide variety of assignments, especially Germany and Korea. The gruesome sights he experienced growing up in Taiwan prepared him what he would encounter during the Gulf War, among other conflicts. August eventually reaches the top enlisted rank, matching that of his father. Unfortunately, his father was too ill with cancer to attend the final promotion ceremony. In addition, military life is difficult on families. Divorce rates are high, and August suffered the same fate. After serving nearly three decades, he decided it was time to retire. Divorced and lonely, August eventually goes in search of love, only to encounter Extreme Cruelty. August has conducted multiple presentations on a variety of topics to large numbers of individuals at conferences, meetings, and private organizations during his many military assignments and since retiring from the service. He enjoys traveling and meeting new people.
Well you all have been waiting for it and it is finally here the sequel to Extreme Cruelty.
I can not put into words how well written these two books are. August has a way with words. I have never read self published books that are so well written before in my life.
The story is a very hard one to read much less tell. I still find myself thinking about these books after reading them months ago.
The warning of what happens when you look for love in the wrong place is a story everyone needs to read.
I hope that you will pick up a copy for you and one for someone you love that is looking for love online and share it with them as well, or just some one who loves true crime books.
I highly recommend this book. I gave it 5 stars two times.
I was given a copy of this book by the author!

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  1. Can't wait to read this one! I loved the first one!

  2. Finally the second book in the series is here. This is on my must read list!

    Thank you Mary for the great review and thank you August Moore for sharing your life, pain and warning.

    Cathy Weber

  3. Now I can read them together! I have "protected" Extreme Cruelty I for the release of the sequel, and I'm looking forward to reading August Rush's story. Mary, you've outdone yourself with another high-ranking review! The very best part about your reviews is that you are totally honest, and we all know it! Thanks, girlfriend!

    1. Nancee, I am sending you a copy of this book to read and review on your blog!

  4. I really did like the first book by August and you are right he writes very well not like a new author he writes like a seasoned author. I was very sad about this happening to someone for real but I liked the book. I will go order book 2 now. Thanks Mary

  5. Thanks for your great review and giveaway Mary. Looking forward to reading both books.

    Judy B

  6. I have been waiting for this book to come out,Extreme Cruelty 1 left me wanting to know what happened next, I will get to find out now, and I did not have to wait to long. What a sad book August must have a big heart. Thank you for your review of this book. Now let me go get this book and see about those twins.

  7. Finally I can found out what happens! That cliff hanger in Book 1 was BRUTAL!

  8. Interesting review. Would love to read it!

  9. I read book 1 and I loved it. Great Review Mary

  10. <3 love it sounds like a fast pace read { always a good thing ] Blessings ,Dana "Girl"

  11. Thank you Mary and everyone else for your kind words. It has been an amazing journey and to be honest, I was a bit more nervous about releasing the sequel and sharing the rest of the details. However, it was necessary if I was to warn others of the consequences when you compromise your values for love (or what I thought was love) and are overly trusting. Thanks everyone for your support. :)

  12. This sounds like a book I'd love to read.

  13. I really wanted to read the first one but never got around to picking it up. Now I know I need to pick up both!

  14. This review has me wanting to read both books! I would love to win this one. Thanks for another great review Mary!