Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Artist's Daughter By Alexandra Kuyendall GIVEAWAY!

When Alexandra Kuykendall became a mother it was the beginning of a soul-searching journey that took her into her past and made her question everything she'd experienced--and a lot of what she hadn't. The only daughter of a single, world-traveling mother and an absent artist father, Alexandra shares her unique quest to answer universal questions: Am I lovable? Am I loved? Am I loving?

In short, moving episodes, Alexandra transports readers into a life that included a childhood in Europe, a spiritual conversion marked more by questions than answers, a courtship in the midst of a call to be with troubled teens, marriage and motherhood--and always, always, the question of identity. Through her personal journey, women will discover their own path to understanding the shape of their lives and a deeper sense of God's intimate presence within it.
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Alexandra Kuykendall is on staff at MOPS International (Mothers of Preschoolers) where she encourages mothers of young children to keep growing as they take on their new mothering identity. She is a regular contributor and consulting editor to MomSense magazine, Connections magazine, and the MOPS blog. A frequent speaker for MOPS, Alexandra has been featured on Good Morning America. As the mother of four young children, she continues to refine her mothering identity. She lives in Denver, Colorado, with her husband, Derek, and their daughters.

What a wonderful story of GRACE! I really enjoyed this memoir and I think it will be one that I read again in the future.
For all of you who are saying well I only enjoy reading fiction, I am a fiction girl at heart as well but this was a very touching story of grace that you should not pass up. I learned a lot from reading this book, in fact once I stared reading it I could not put it down.
I recommend this 4 star book.
I was given a copy of it by the publisher for my review.


  1. Happy Mothers day Mary. This book sounds like one I would like to read thank you for your review.

  2. This sounds like a really good book. Adding this to my must read list.
    This author is new to me.

    Great review Mary

    Cathy Weber

  3. Sounds like this would be a good book to read .Blessings ,Dana"Girl "

  4. Sounds really good. I love to draw. Would love to read this. Have a Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful book Mary.
    Happy Mother's Day to you.

  6. I would love to read this book it sounds great. Thanks Mary, Happy Mother's Day, I love you!

  7. Happy Mother's Day Sis! I hope your day is going fantastic! Thank you for your review and giveaway. We are studying, "What About Grace?" in our sunday school class so this book just might go along with some of the discussions we've had.

    Judy B

  8. Happy Mother's Day, Mary! Great review!

  9. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Mary! Great review!

  10. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day, Mary. This book sounds interesting to me so please put my name in the drawing. After I read it will share with others. Thanks!
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  11. Great review Mary! Would love to win this book!

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