Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Live Brilliantly By Lenya Heitzig

This all-new Fresh Life Bible study takes readers through the book of 1 John, inspiring them to respond to God’s call to be light bearers in a dark world.

Each 20-minute study of 1 John in Live Brilliantly reminds readers that when their lives reflect God’s light, no darkness can overtake them. When a Christian follows God’s Word, light shines on their decisions, relationships, and actions. Their words as they live out the gospel bring light to even the darkest places.

This rich yet accessible Bible study ignites readers with a new passion for God, shutting out the darkness that threatens their spirits and the world—because God’s Word is light everlasting.
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Lenya Heitzig is the executive director of she ministries at Calvary Albuquerque, an award-winning coauthor of numerous Bible studies, and the author of the semiautobiographical book Holy Moments. She is the founder of Mercy B.A.N.D.S. and Reload Love, encouraging and empowering people around the world to stand up to terrorism. Lenya’s husband, Skip, is senior pastor of the 14,000-person congregation at Calvary Albuquerque. Their son and his wife have two children.
My Thoughts...
This is a Bible study in the book of 1 John. It has a lot of scripture using inductive questions. The questions help you discover the facts. You will learn the who what and when and where of each passage.
It has questions and places for you to answer them in the book.
It  also has personal checklists as well as Small- group checklist.
Each days broke down in sections for you.
This was a wonderfully done book.
I gave this Bible study of 1 John 4 stars and I recommend it for small groups or personal study.
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  1. I would love to have this Bible study.

  2. Sounds like a good study. I love the cover.

  3. Replies
    1. Sherley, You are the WINNER! I will get your book right out to you!

  4. I would love to do this Bible study.

  5. I am adding this to my list of small group studies.

  6. I love this cover, can you tell I'm ready for spring? I would love to do a study of 1 John.

  7. I would love to use this book as a great aid in studying I John. Thank you Mary.

  8. We need more books like this for women to get together and study God's word.

  9. I need this bible Study, 1 John has a lot of good stuff.

  10. 1 John is a great book to study and our Pastor has touched on this one many times. Sounds like the perfect companion for your own personal study time.

    Thanks for the lovely review Mary!