Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Grace Revealed by Fred Sievert

Trust in the Unmerited Gift of God’s Grace You can’t escape the inevitable crises that will face you throughout your lifetime. Whether it’s health problems, emotional issues, career challenges, gut-wrenching losses, or other failures, these experiences can destroy your morale and lead you into despair. Some crises may be a result of your own choices, while others may be completely out of your control. Whatever the source, there is a lasting solution that comes to you free of charge from above: God’s amazing grace.

In Grace Revealed, you will:
  • Experience real-life stories of others who discover they are not alone and that relief is within their grasp.
  • See how devastating afflictions can be overcome through faith in Jesus and His love, mercy, and grace.
  • Learn how God’s grace transforms lives and leads you into enduring and rewarding Christian service.
  • Be inspired to encourage others who are suffering but cannot seek help on their own.

Read these undeniable, modern-day examples of God’s loving grace and its transformative power, and discover that God is always present in your time of need

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Fred Sievert started his career as a teacher, later entered the insurance business, and retired in 2007 as president of New York Life Insurance Company, a Fortune 100 corporation. Following his retirement at age fifty-nine, Fred attended Yale Divinity School and was awarded a master’s degree in 2011.

In his career, Fred enjoyed many successes but also had to deal with much stress, many challenges, and even some serious setbacks. Through it all, he credits his success to a reliance on daily prayer, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and his relationship with Jesus Christ.

Fred has had many nonfiction essays and articles published in the past, most often about his own providential and life-changing encounters with God. In 2014, he published his first book, God Revealed: Revisit Your Past to Enrich Your Future.

He views his thirty-five-year business career as mere prologue to what God is calling him to do today write and speak about his faith.

Throughout his adult life, Fred has been active in his church and has served in numerous lay leadership positions. He and his wife, Susan, have five grown children and three granddaughters and reside in East Falmouth, Massachusetts.


Every life is a unique journey, and each of us travels through life accumulating experiences and memories that ultimately impact how we behave in every moment.

Like you, how I will interact tomorrow with my spouse, children, siblings, coworkers, friends, and even adversaries is impacted and altered by my unique accumulation of life experiences.

It’s both an incredible gift and an enormous responsibility to realize that among my unique personal experiences, at least some contained revelations and messages from God.

I’ve shared my experiences to persuade you that God does in fact speak to us through our life experiences.

As you read about my journey, I hope it will inspire you to be on the alert for future messages from God and to ponder your own past for messages you may have initially missed.

The stories I tell are the stories of my journey through tangible life experiences that started when I was very young and will continue as long as I live.

My earnest hope and prayer is that you’ll reflect thoughtfully and constructively on the experiences of your own life as you read about mine—and that you’ll consider the reality that God has been speaking to you in a way unique to your needs.

Every life, including yours, is a unique journey, one that is important to God and one in which He will provide guidance, blessings, and unconditional love.

My Thoughts...

Mercy and redemption just a little of what you will read about in this book.
Believe have hope and keep the faith. We all go through tough times.
You will need grace to keeping you going.
Sievert is very good at breaking it down for you in his book.
Give this book a try and share it with someone going through something hard right now.
I gave this book 4 stars. I hope  that you will check it out.
The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are our own.


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