Monday, February 17, 2020

The Falcon's Prey By Susanne Sims

THE FALCON’S PREY, set in France during 1415–1416 – a time and place of chivalry at its height – reveals a real world hidden beneath fairy tales of valiant knights and fair maidens. Sixteen-year-old Amélie lives in the castle of her uncle, the chevalier Sieur Denis des Étoiles, where she is betrothed by her aunt to a rich old man she’s never met. Amélie tries to hide her fear of her impending marriage until Hue, her cousin and esquire to her uncle, reveals to her that her betr
othed committed a capital crime on the battlefield at Agincourt. Amélie faces a dilemma. If she marries a man she fears, she’ll enjoy the life of a lady. If she flees, her status will become uncertain – or worse!

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SUSANNE CHIERA SIMS turned to writing historical fiction when multiple sclerosis kept her virtually homebound. Intrigued by the challenge of writing history, drawing upon her years as a wife and mother and a student of science, she imagined a family of French chevaliers she could follow to the Battle of Agincourt – and beyond.

“I’m writing a series,” she says, “because I wanted my Amélie to have years to grow and change. In THE FALCON’S PREY, she’s sixteen and distressed by her many fears. In my coming book, she’ll be eighteen.”

“My tale follows a large family of chevaliers living in late medieval France. Defeat at the hand of England’s Henry V at the Battle of Agincourt tested her chevalier father and uncles more directly than it tested Amélie and her cousins, but all France was devastated by the loss.”

“Still, life went on. Amélie found herself enchanted by a chance encounter with an intriguing young chevalier - though she was betrothed to a rich, old man. Circumstances thus set in motion threatened to overwhelm her.”
“The tale was a pleasure to write. I hope you find it a pleasure to read.” 

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