Thursday, August 27, 2020

Targeted By Larry Daane

The sheep mutilation makes Sheriff Decker's skin crawl. People may be next.
Failure could cost him everything.
But more is on the line than he realizes. Humanity itself may soon be in the crosshairs.

Sheriff Decker must determine why good people in his town are committing horrific acts.
Little does he know the future of humankind is in the balance.

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L. A. Daane spends the bulk of his time in Oregon and Hawaii. In Portland, he is a long-term volunteer at the Hoyt Arboretum. On Molokai, he supports a native plants reintroduction project at the Hui Ho'olana, a non-profit living sanctuary.

When not up his wrists in dirt or glued to his keyboard, you're likely to find him lobbing, lifting or smashing a shuttlecock (hopefully) far out of reach of his badminton opponents.

Having worked for years as an engineer, he is intrigued and frightened about where technology is taking us, as individuals and as a species.