Friday, October 9, 2020

Briar Coats and the Tunnel of Styx By K. J. Long


Briar is a wild boy. Living in a mangrove-tree city, he has been assigned the job of builder, but he is desperate to become an explorer.

At least he can swim in the lake for solace—that is, until he realizes that he can breathe underwater!

There he meets Verity, a person who looks like him, but she has a long flowing tail and a green glow. Verity helps Briar learn the truth about his father’s disappearance, and helps him change the underwater world of Naraka for the better.

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The K.J. Long author name is a reflection of spouses Kelly Long and Jay Long.

Dr. Kelly Long has been writing fiction since 2010, alongside non-fiction research articles that appear in peer-reviewed journals. Kelly works by day as a college administrator and professor, writing fiction novels by night.

Jay Long is an attorney and professor by day, has long had a passion for writing fiction, and has non-fiction scholarly publications as well.

When they first met, the pair spent the days they couldn’t see each other co-authoring a romance novel, ironically while they lived their own romance story. Now they spend nights weaving fantasy fiction in the middle-grade genre. As an interracial LGBTQ+ couple, Kelly and Jay know what it’s like to be on the outside of the mainstream, and they have a passion for serving black and LGBTQ+ communities. They live in Michigan with their hound dog, Smuggler.

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My Thoughts...
This is such a fun read for the kiddos I would say 8-12 year old's would be the age group for this book or 3rd-6th graders.
Its a chapter book that will hold their attention and it is very well written.
It was a real page tuner, Grab a copy for your children to enjoy.
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