Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The Burden of Better By Heather Creekmore

 Tired of chasing better?

Why is it so easy to compare yourself to others yet so difficult to stop? In an era of carefully curated social media images, nonstop selfies, and TV shows devoted to perfection, comparison can consume you. Chasing something better quickly becomes a burden, weighing down your soul and preventing you from experiencing the freedom, contentment, and rest that God generously offers.

With wit and honesty, drawing from her own struggles, Heather will encourage you to look in the mirror and see the many ways that you compare yourself with others. But more than that, she will show you the true joy living a comparison-free life. While other books on comparison call readers to embrace their own uniqueness, The Burden of Better reveals that only a deep understanding of God's grace, and a personal reliance on that grace, can cure the epidemic of comparison flooding your mind. Heather's humor, personal stories, and empathetic approach offers a gospel-centered guide to kicking your comparison habit.

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Speaker, blogger, author, and television failed baker, Heather Creekmore will charm you with her humor and touch you with her heart for reaching women with the breath-taking truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Heather feels the pulse of women who wrestle with their body image and comparison. She's tried the diets, exercise gizmos, and expensive weight loss pills. She's battled the brownies, felt shame over pant's size, and fought that same sense of insecurity that plagues so many women. Heather has been featured on a variety of news outlets including: Fox News, Huff Post, Church Leaders, Moms Struggling Well, and Good Morning Texas. But Heather is most recognized from her appearance on the Netflix show, "Nailed It" (S1, Ep1).

Heather and her fighter-pilot-turned pastor husband live outside of Austin, Texas with their four children. When's she's not destroying baked goods, Heather homeschools her brood of four children, shops clearance racks, and travels. Learn more about Heather and follow her blog at or listen to her podcast also called Compared to Who?

My Thoughts...
Who do you compare yourself to the most? Ceekmore tells you its okay who you are. You are loved just as you are. 
There is no need to compare yourself to anyone else. You are your best YOU.
Creekmore writes a heartfelt book that speaks right to your heart.
I gave this book 4 stars.
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