Friday, November 6, 2020

The Three Mrs. Wrights By Linda Keir

 Mr. Wright has everything. All that’s left to give him is what he deserves.

Lark has good things coming: a career as a board-game designer and a whirlwind romance with a handsome investor. Trip is so compassionate and supportive, he’s almost too good to be true.

Jessica has always been cautious, but she can’t resist Jonathan. The brilliant TED-talking visionary has big plans for his inspiring medical start-up. Now Jessica is invited to be part of the team—and to partner with the founder outside the office.

Holly has settled into a comfortable life with Jack, her husband of nearly twenty years. They’ve raised three children, they own a beautiful home, and they’ve founded a worthy charity. She’s proud of building a marriage that has endured—she just doesn’t want to look too closely at the cracks.

Lark, Jessica, and Holly are three strangers with so much in common it hurts. Their one and only is one and the same.

The charming Mr. Wright’s serial lies are about to catch up with him…

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Linda Keir is the pen name of Linda Joffe Hull and Keir Graff. The authors of Drowning with Others and The Swing of Things, they are currently at work on their third book.

My Thoughts...
This sounded like such a great read. It had a  lot of  foul language and the sex scenes were over the top. I had such high expectations for this book. It has the protentional to be a really good one.
I sadly gave it three stars and I hope that the authors can change some of the negatives and bring more positives with their next book.
I did give it three stars and I will give the next book a try, it may get better.
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