Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The Magical Guide to Bliss by Meg Nocero

 It’s easy to get stuck in life, far short of where you wanted to be; and whether you feel trapped by tedium or pain, it’s hard to keep from despairing that this is all there is and that bliss is just a myth.

Shining a glorious light into the darkness, author Meg Nocero’s The Magical Guide to Bliss leads you on a life-changing journey of self-discovery that helps you recover a sense of meaning and fully realize your personal passions.

Organizing the adventure into 366 steps that correspond to one calendar year, this book presents daily quotes and reflections that are paired with magical keys, which will unlock the doors you’ll encounter on the road to bliss. Learn the art of seizing the day in January, and by the time December comes, you’ll be witnessing awe-inspiring magic and miracles!

Fans of Julia Cameron and Stephen Covey will appreciate Nocero’s empowering insights and soon count this book as one of their go-to daily references.

The world is full of wonders and ripe with possibility. Are you ready to take hold of your share? Bliss is within your reach. Let’s do this!

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Meg Nocero is the award-winning author of the Butterflies & Bliss Trilogy: The Magical Guide to Bliss: Daily Keys to Unlock Your Dreams, Spirit & Inner Bliss is the book of insights that empowered and paved the way for her inspirational journey in Butterfly Awakens: A Memoir of Transformation Through Grief. Her book of affirmations Sparkle & Shine: 108 M.A.N.T.R.A.s to Brighten Your Day and Lighten Your Way keeps the reader moving forward on their own hero’s journey through a meditative mantra practice to further come alive to the beauty of their life.

After she was brought on stage in Miami with Oprah Winfrey in 2014, she was inspired to create a life more closely aligned to her dream to inspire others to follow their bliss. She has since resigned from her career as a federal immigration prosecutor and founded Butterflies & Bliss LLC and S.H.I.N.E. Networking Inc., a nonprofit that provides educational scholarships to young innovative leaders in her community. S.H.I.N.E. was just recognized as a winner in the Education, Arts & Culture, Networking, and Community Organization category of the Inaugural Anthem Awards—a national awards program that celebrates purpose and mission-driven work.

In addition to writing, Nocero is a TEDx inspirational speaker and a certified happiness coach. She has appeared on CNN Español, BookCon live, and podcasts and online media, such as MSNBC, CBS, Boston Herald, Chicago Tribune. She hosts a YouTube channel and a podcast called Manifesting with Meg: Conversations with Extraordinary People and an IG Live called Amazing Authors. Nocero is a proud Italian-American who lives in Miami, Fl. with her husband, shelties and children. Visit www.megnocero.com.

My Thoughts...
This was such a refreshing read. Its a daily read just a few minutes is all it takes to read the positive message and get your day started. It would make a fantastic gift. 
In this day and time with all that is going on in the world everyone needs this boost everyday to get their day started.
Grab your copy and start feeling better from day one.
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