Monday, March 18, 2019

When Drag Racing Met Country Music By Terri Lynn Schmidt

In search of a new identity outside of marriage after the death of her husband, Terri Lynn’s collection of writings addresses all matters of the heart. Her message of Faith, Hope, and Love is supported by scriptures.

From the author: "Till death do you part.” Words I hung upon and waited for during the first wedding ceremony I attended after my husband died. Instantly our 3-chord unity, that had been tethered together for over 20 years, severed. Was I a free woman? Free to do what? Most certainly a heartbroken woman. After all I did not choose the tearing of hearts and certainly it was not what I had planned on happening at such a young age. No one to check in with upon returning home or to meet for dinner or a movie. Silence. Alas, there was One. My Heavenly Father became my best friend and my Husband. Rediscovering my love for writing, along with scripture, the collections inside helped in finding my way back to where my true identity lies. The wife of a Drag Racing Legend was who I had become; identity in Christ is where I am now. Whether you are a widow or searching for more meaning relating to heart issues, welcome. Let us sojourn together.

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A native of Dallas, Texas Terri started writing, along with her love of music, at a very young age. With music and lyrics being her life a move to Nashville as a young adult made sense. Following her career in Nashville at Opryland and entertaining for US Troops in Central America for a season, at 26, Terri married NHRA Drag Racing Pioneer Harry Schmidt; a Hall-Of-Famer of the famous Blue Max Funny Car. After 21 years of marriage on April 30th of 2012, Terri, and her daughter's lives would be forever changed when Harry lost his 4-year battle to cancer. In search of rediscovering her identity outside of being Harry's wife, Terri rekindled her passion for writing.

Terri co-authored a chapter in the book, "Dare To Be A Difference Maker". Branching from that experience she has endorsed 2 books and was offered a column position for writing in a Dallas Downtown Business Newspaper. Her column of 7 years running is called, "Beauty Is Fleeting: Inside Matters". Her inside collections of writings are helpful for healing after loss, finding hope, and seeing beauty in life and love, along with scripture, by addressing matters of the heart.

My Thoughts...

When Drag Racing Met Country Music Is an great biography. The author has captured every emotion possible by a book. I liked that she started the book with the childhood of her late husband, followed by the same of her childhood and then the story of how they met. The book is a great start for her to recapture her love for writing. I believe she did a good job.    
  The book to me didn't follow a specific pattern or time line. Each chapter in a way had a feel of a standalone short story. Each chapter is a story of how she overcome certain challenges or is dealing with the loss of her husband or how her faith has helped her through many pitfalls. She is a good story teller.
This was a 4 star book.
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  1. Great review! Thanks for sharing this one 😊

  2. I have never heard of her before. i need to read this, I love country music.

  3. Sounds super good, loved you thoughts on it.

  4. This one might be to sad for me to read right now.

  5. Sounds so interesting. These kinds of books always give me hope.

  6. I don't often read biographies, but this one sounds good. Clinging to ones faith in grief has to be one of the hardest things to do. Reading Terri's story would give a person hope & comfort, I bet.

  7. Love to read this .Love and Blessings,DanaGirl