Thursday, July 11, 2019

Rising like the Sun By Anita Joe

I wrote this book to share my life story of how a loving God, through Jesus Christ, brought an abused little girl from brokenness to wholeness. I can truly say God wonderfully delivered me. When I look back at all of the abuse I suffered, I do so with joy. I can now laugh at many of the things that had me bound. 
My healing did not come overnight, nor did it come easy. It was a progressive journey. I thank the Lord for that. I don’t feel anyone is mentally or emotionally capable of handling such abuse otherwise. Along the way, I learned who I was and what, in Him, God purposed me to be. It was astonishing, to say the least, because I had no inkling that God would call me, of all people, a rejected little girl from Tucson, Arizona, to be a pastor and to preach the gospel.
With no formal Bible-school training, I found it to be a scary thing. I didn’t feel I was good enough or even qualified, for that matter. As I matured in the Lord, I realized one very important thing—I was HIS choice. As Jesus’ spoken words state:

Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you.     —John 15:16
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Pastor Anita Joe: author —Born in Little Rock Ark, raised in Tucson, AZ, Anita Joe received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and the baptism of the Spirit at the age of nineteen. Called into the ministry in her early twenties, God working mightily through her with ministry gifts of healing, deliverance and prophecy. After experiencing abuse as a child, broken and desperately needed the healing power of the heavenly Father, Anita’s life was supernaturally changed through His unconditional love. She now demonstrates the same love in her preaching and teaching the power of the gospel to many broken and hurting individuals.

My Thoughts...

A positive read.  What is your purpose? Who has got your back? Who is always in your corner? Who loves you unconditionally?
This book has your answers  to those questions and more.
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