Friday, October 25, 2019

Some Kind Of Crazy By Terry Wardle

An unforgettable story, in the tradition of Hillbilly Elegy and Educated, that reveals how a careful look at a broken past can open a path to profound healing and a satisfying future. 
Terry Wardle grew up in the Appalachian coalfields of southwestern Pennsylvania, part of a hardscrabble family of coal miners whose cast of characters included a hot-tempered grandfather with a predilection for blowing up houses, a distant and disapproving father, and a mother who disciplined him with harsh words and threats of hellfire.
After enduring a crazy childhood, Terry graduated to a troubled adolescence, and then on to what seemed like a successful transition into adulthood, earning multiple degrees and founding one of the country’s fastest growing churches. But all was not well.
All his life, he felt he was never enough. Plagued by a truckload of fear no matter what he accomplished, he fell down the ladder of success into the deepest ditch of his life—ending up in a psychiatric hospital. Fortunately, that’s when he discovered that Jesus has no fear of ditches.
In fact, Jesus does some of his best work with people who find themselves there. In sharing his remarkable journey, Terry offers hope that healing and wholeness are possible no matter how broken a life may be. His larger-than-life story will help you move forward along your own healing path.

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Terry Wardle is a popular author and dynamic speaker who leads seminars and retreats that equip pastors, counselors, clinicians, and spiritual directors. He is the author of numerous books, including Every Breath We Take and Identity Matters: Discovering who you Are in Christ. He is the founder of Healing Care and HCM International as well as founding pastor of Risen King Community Church in Redding, California. Terry and his wife, Cheryl, have three adult church and six grandchildren. They reside in Ashland, OH. 

My Thoughts...
 We all have messy, dysfunctional families. None of us have perfect lives. So to read what Wardle has to say about all of our mess and how he came out on top and much better for it. I was pleasantly surprised at this book.
I hope that you will dive in and read Wardle's book and in the end see the hope that he shares.
This was a good 4 star read.
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  1. Now this sounds like a really good read.

  2. Seems like I have seen this book, I will have to look when I get home to see if I have it already.

  3. The tile alone leads me to believe I need to read it.