Sunday, July 22, 2012

Something Different! Bible Study from the Book of Ruth By Sheryl Pellatiro

Tell us about Ruth from tragedy to triumph.....
The story of Ruth is about tragedy turned into triumph. It is also a great love story. When Elimelech and his family arrived in Moab, Ruth had no idea that her marriage into this Israelite family would be the beginning of new things, both good and bad. In a very short time, Ruth’s whole world came crashing down as the family she grew to love would be torn apart by death and uncertainty. In the end, though, God was setting things up for a greater purpose. The story of Ruth is packed with eternal truths.

How did your faith play into your writing this study?
Studying the Old Testament , watching it come to life, and seeing God’s redemptive purposes being fulfilled is one way that my faith always soars to new levels. Some people do not see the relevance of the book of Ruth in the fuller picture. But, as I researched this little story and wrote this Bible study, I began to understand that God strategically placed Ruth’s story within the chronicles of Scripture so that you and I can see that God was at work all the way back then, and that His plans continue today.

How long have you been writing Bible studies?
I have been writing Bible studies for almost twenty years.

Why did you start writing Bible studies?
God began to show me the power of His Word and its relevance to our lives the first year of Bible College. After I got married and my kids were little, I was invited to my first in-depth Precept Bible class at my church. It seemed that God put a deep hunger within my spirit for HIS Word and I just couldn’t get enough. After 3 years of attending a Precept Bible class, I knew that God was calling me to teach a Bible study at my church. As I began to look in the Christian market for studies, I couldn’t find any that seemed right for the ladies under my teaching. So, I began to write my own studies.

What do you hope readers will learn while doing this Bible study?
I hope that readers will love Ruth’s story as much as I have. I hope that the topics discussed in each chapter will unveil greater truths through God’s Word and that each participant will gain valuable insight for their own lives.

What is your favorite Bible Verse and why?
That is a hard question to answer as I have many favorite verses. Probably right now, I would say Philippians 1:21: “For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” I am currently teaching my latest Bible study on the Bride of Christ, which is all about our Bridegroom’s return, our future home, our inheritance waiting for us, and the future wedding all of God’s Bride will participate in. Therefore, this verse has a two-fold impact on my life – I want to live every moment of every day to bring glory to my King, but I also want to keep my eyes focused on my eternal life because it is far better than anything we have here.

Do you have a website where readers can get to know you better? Where can they get a copy of this study? 
All my Bible studies and any information about me can be found on my web site:


  1. I really enjoy Bible studys,,this sounds great,,,

  2. Wonderful interview, Mary! I recently did a study and quilt project based on Anne Spangler's book "Women of the Bible" where each woman of the Bible was looked at more closely, and a quilt block was designed to represent each of them. I enjoyed that book, and learning more about each of these women. Sheryl's book sounds like a wonderful study of Ruth.