Tuesday, July 18, 2017

31 Surprising Reasons to Believe In God By Rick Stedman

Could Our Lives Be Surrounded by
Surprising Clues to God's Existence?
We've all had doubts about God's existence—or we know people who have. What if we could uncover evidence of the reality of God that would bolster our faith or plant seeds of belief in the hearts of skeptics?

This 31-day intellectual journey reveals hints of the divine all around us—in what we believe, what we love, what we have, and what we know. Discover how sports, superheroes, science, and dozens of other topics point to unexpected clues of God's existence.

This carefully reasoned yet whimsical approach to a perplexing topic paves the way for meaningful dialogue between those who believe in God and those who are skeptical.

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Dr. Rick Stedman is a collector of classic-rock vinyl LPs, bookaholic, author, pastor, and devoted husband and father. He founded and for two decades led Adventure Christian Church in Roseville, California. He has graduate degrees in theology, philosophy, and ministry, and is the author of Praying the Armor of God and Praying the Psalms.

My Thoughts...

This is a book for a lost soul someone we would call an unbeliever. It's not a book for a believer. I think it would help with questions a lost person would have and it would give them understanding.
I would use this in a group as a study. But it does not have much scripture and its like one mans opinion more then a biblical Bible study book.
I did not find it having biblical merit. It's good for a younger group maybe. But with no scripture to back up a lot of what is said some searching will have a hard time with it.
I was not real impressed with it but it does have some quotes form some theologians that might help with the study.
I gave this book 4 stars and I say its more for the unbeliever than someone strong in their walk with the Lord.
 The Mary Reader received this book from Wynn Wynn Media for review. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are our own


  1. I think I'll pass on this one.......great review though!

  2. This would be good for a new Christian.

  3. No thanks , this one does not appeal to me at all.

  4. Thanks for sharing this book Mary.

  5. I will share this with new converts class. This may make a good small group topic.

  6. This is not one for me. I will share it though.

  7. Great idea for a book. I will pass on it but will tell others about it.

  8. I won't be reading this book but it might help others and be a good guide for the lost.