Saturday, December 11, 2021

Wakeless By Lisa Johnston


One future. One chance at redemption.

Emma has somehow survived the wreckage of the 21st century—gas reserves have run dry, hospitals have shut and deadly diseases are rampant. She now faces her greatest challenge. Discovered living in a basement hideout, she is proclaimed clean and moved to Redemption City. Despite escaping the contaminated world, Emma soon learns that life is no better in the promised utopia—secrets abound, no one is free and eyes are always watching.

A young woman in a repressive role, Emma begins unraveling the true purpose of Redemption City. Rebelling against the male hierarchy, she reluctantly joins forces with a potential ally. Troubled by ghosts of her past and an unreliable vision of reality, Emma must find a path to redemption or pay the ultimate price. 

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A communications graduate of the University of Calgary, Lisa Johnston is an established writer and editor in the magazine and corporate publishing world. Wakeless is her first fiction novel. When not catering to the needs of her husband and two sons, Lisa enjoys traveling, reading and ocean walks near her home on Vancouver Island.

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