Monday, February 7, 2022

The Quest for Psyche By Beth Greenberg

 The God of Love is a mess. Heartbroken and unmoored after losing Pan to his Right Love, Cupid knows the only cure is the next all-consuming love the gods will inflict on him. When Aphrodite refuses to hasten Cupid's next torment, he resorts to a very human approach to relieving his misery - therapy.

His online sessions seem to be working until Dr. Mariposa Rey mysteriously cuts him off. Sensing she needs his help, Cupid sets out on a cross-country adventure to Lake Tahoe, where his heart will be inflamed for one last Worthy. What Cupid doesn't know is that this fourth test will be his one and only chance at Right Love.

With the ancient tale of Cupid and Psyche as his guide, Cupid attempts the impossible - a happily eternally after with his reluctant soul mate. 

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Beth is a former CPA who took a sharp turn into creative writing during a midlife awakening. First experimenting with fanfiction, Beth discovered two things she loves about writing: twisting a tried-and-true story and interacting with her readers. Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, she and her husband live in a quiet suburb outside of Boston, Massachusetts, where they are occasionally visited by their daughter and grand-dog, Slim. The 4-book Cupid's Fall series is a contemporary romcom - meets - ancient Greek mythology.

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NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE of mythology is needed to enjoy the series, but if you'd like a quick refresher, check out this page on Beth's website for a guide to the gods of Cupid's Fal: 
My Thoughts...
This is the final book in the Cupid's Fall series. It was an enjoyable read. I loved the characters, and the story was a fun one.
I you have not read this series yet you can still read this as a standalone. It is worth the read.
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