Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Finding deep & Wide By Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

Along comes a book daring us not to settle for anything less than what the Bible promises. We're meant to live in such ongoing satisfaction in Jesus and transformation by Jesus that others are drawn to Him through us--and all without joining a convent, hauling our sleeping bags to church, or barricading ourselves in the bathroom with our Bibles and prayer journals. The truth is, we can invest in all those religious activities and still be God-starved refugees going through the motions, unless we learn how to trust Jesus to do in us what God asks of us. Finding Deep and Wide gives us permission to stop trying to please God and learn how to live in a pilgrim's delicious irony--being satisfied while hungering for more.

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I fell in love with storytelling as a child when my paternal grandmother regaled us with stories of what it was like to come to Louisiana from the hills of Appalachia and set up house in a tent with a dirt floor. On the other side of the family tree, my paternal grandfather, a people loving preacher, was known for using humor to draw his listeners to Jesus. It's safe to say the two of them marked me. Whether in my books, speaking before audiences, or dropping a segment on my All Things Southern podcast, I love nothing more than helping hungry hearts feast on Jesus through humor and storytelling.

My Thoughts...
This book would make such a  good Bible study book for a small group or a Bible study for a husband and wife team. It includes thoughtful questions for group or individual study. It has scripture to back up the stories in each chapter. You can dig deeper in your Bible.
It is great for personal reading and reflection each day.
This is a four star book, that I recommend for someone looking for Bible studies to start this new year off right.
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