Monday, January 20, 2020

The World Come to Us By Molly Campbell

Tommy Poole and her mother Meg have decided to become recluses together. Not forever; only for a year. And not at night when the dog needs to be walked. But in the midst of their grief over the loss of Tommy's other mother, Sam, shutting themselves off from the outside world seems like the only viable path to recovery.

However, while they have decided to step away from the world, the world has not made the same decision. Soon, Tommy's best friend is living with them. And the crotchety neighbor is making his presence felt far more than anyone appreciates. And when a teenaged girl with a troubled past and an indignant future enters their orbit, life might be as full for Tommy and Meg as it has been in years.

And that was before the wedding . . .
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Molly D. Campbell is a two-time Erma Bombeck Writing Award winner and the author of two previous novels, Keep the Ends Loose and Crossing the Street. Molly blogs at http:// Also an artist, Molly's work can be found at She lives in Dayton with her accordionist husband and four cats.

My Thoughts...
A sad book that I could understand very well. Loss is a big deal, grief is different for all of us. I loved how Campbell dealt with this and I hope that everyone who reads this book understands how hard it really is.
You are going to find this book one you want to keep on your shelf after you read it, its just that kind of heartwarming read.
I gave this book 4 stars. I recommend it if you can overcome the grief in the book.
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