Wednesday, January 29, 2020

When God Made The World By Matthew Turner

From the author of the bestselling children's book When God Made You comes a rhythmic, whimsical journey through creation--for little readers who love science and wonder and the beginnings of all things.

For spiritual parents who are looking for a different kind of creation book, Matthew Paul Turner's When God Made the World focuses on the complex way that God created our vast and scientifically operating universe, including the biodiversity of life on our planet and the intricacies of a vast solar system. Scottish illustrator Gillian Gamble brings the natural world to vibrant life with rich colors and poignant detail certain to stretch young minds and engage imaginations.

Planet Earth, God made a blue and green sphere,
And designed it to orbit the sun once a year.

God made daytime and nighttime, climates and seasons,
And all kinds of weather that vary by region.

God made continents and oceans, islands and seas,
A north and south pole that God put in deep freeze.

God carved rivers and brooks, mountains and caves,
Made beaches with sand and huge crashing waves.

God made tropics and plateaus, glaciers and meadows,
marshes and tundras and erupting volcanos.

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Look at the faces of these two Models. Your kids are sure to love this book as much as Johnathan and Avi did.

The story of Creation is one of the most beloved narratives of all time. That’s certainly one of the reasons why I wanted to write When God Made the World. But I also wanted to retell this familiar story because for as long as I can remember, I have been moved and mystified by the words, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” My hope is that this little book will offer children of all ages a renewed sense of wonder and joy in all that God has created, that it will help them see (or see again) that God’s story is around us, and that they, too, are a part of that beautiful narrative. Moreover, I hope this book will encourage readers to see themselves as protectors and caretakers of the world, that they will grow up knowing that God wants us to care for this planet and the things that live and grow on this planet. The world is a gift from God and I hope this book will help all of us see it as such.

My Thoughts...

The illustrations in this book were so cute and fun for the kids to look at while reading the story.
Kids love the fun rhymes in this book. This was a book that held kids attention and they enjoyed us reading it as well as the pictures.
A good book to read at bedtime. A learning book to read in Sunday school class. A fun book for brothers to read together.
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  1. Look at those two readers, They help you sell this one for sure. Way to cute.

  2. My daughter would love this book.

  3. I need to get this for children's church.

  4. Sounds like this one would be a great one for my twin grandsons! :)