Friday, January 17, 2020

Relational Intelligence By Dharius Daniels

Considering Jesus's relational model for choosing the twelve disciples, Relational Intelligence will walk you through how to assess your relationships, define them, discern them, align them, and finally activate your relationships to unlock your greatest potential.
Years of ministry leadership experience and personal experience have convinced Dr. Dharius Daniels: there's no such thing as a casual relationship. All relationships are catalytic - either pushing us forward into our God-given purposes or holding us back. Our spiritual, physical, financial, emotional, and professional progress is greatly impacted by who we allow to be a part of our lives and what part we allow them to play. With our destiny on the line, relationships are too consequential to nonchalantly roll the dice in managing them.
Relational Intelligence is your action plan for getting smart about your purpose partners. Relationships were God's idea, writes Daniels, and when we understand and apply what God has to say about them we end up avoiding unnecessary relational turmoil, advancing in all areas of our life, and accomplishing our God-given purpose.
When your purpose is on the line, the cost of relational unintelligence is too great to pay. In this book, you will explore and learn how to activate the relational intelligence you need for the life of purpose you want. 

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Dr. Dharius Daniels is the founder and lead pastor of Change Church, a vibrant, diverse congregation. With a doctorate of ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary, Dr. Daniels speaks to national audiences and sits on the board of the National Association of Evangelicals. He lives with his wife, Shameka, and their two sons in New Jersey, and you can follow him at

My Thoughts...
What kind of friend are you? Friend we'd like to be, the friend others want us to be or last the friend God needs us to be? Which one are you? You can't be all three. Do you want to love unconditionally? You really need to read this book.
Add it to you book stack today, pick it up today and read it with your husband, wife or best friend.
I found so many pieces of sound advice to help with many of my relationships.
I want to gift this book to everyone I know.
So with that being said, come on followers and grab your copy. I great 5 star nonfiction book that I want you all to read.
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  1. I NEED to read this book. Maybe I need to do a few buddies reads with this one.

  2. I want to be a better friend, this is a book going in my cart today.

  3. Fiction please, not a nonfiction girl.

  4. This is a hard question! I can't pick. I just want to be the friend that is there when they're needed.