Wednesday, March 17, 2021

A Girl Like You By Cari Scribner


When fiftysomething Jessica Gabriel finds herself heartbroken and single after failed marriage number two, her adult kids convince her to explore the tumultuous world of online dating. With a new haircut, a gym membership, and a dating profile as a forty-nine-year-old, Jessica trudges through a pool of not-so-eligible bachelors - from a pothead who tells her weed makes sex better, to a much younger man who called her the name of another lover, to a dominant male with a penchant for clothespins.

Jessica's new life comes with a new job, where she's often left to do all of the work while her boss eats donuts and gossips with his three cronies. When her advice helps save her co-worker's marriage, her hope in love is renewed.

Jessica's journey is full of tears, laughter, and an astonishing amount of sex. With the love and support of her family and friends, she discovers that being alone doesn't have to be lonely. 
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I have 3 incredible kids over age 21 and two close-to-the-floor dogs named Miloh and Lucy.

Here are some things I like: Kindness, snow, zombies, mindfulness, writing about my very ill father, having a knack for remembering names, a good sturdy umbrella, dog kisses, open hearts, flying anywhere, outdoor music, purple, and I am forever grateful to the Law of Attraction. “Want it, and believe you can have it.” Through this, all things are possible.

Here are a few things I don't like very much: Mean-spiritedness, closed minds, that my dogs won’t outlive me, bragging, black licorice, sarcasm, the unrelenting passage of time.

On my To-Do list: Get Halloween declared a national holiday, daily Random Acts of Kindness, relinquish my affinity for ruminating, have more long lunches with my mom, live in leggings, learn to knit, learn to speak Spanish, learn to let go, never let go.

I was a newspaper reporter for more than 20 years in Upstate NY. I had the great privilege of writing about:

* Ice sculptors, cheese makers, a kid who made granola for squirrels, library book sales, tarot card reading, what makes people donate their bodies to science, why more girls need to study math and science, the 6 most common nightmares, haunted B&B’s, what kids think the 4th of July is celebrating, pumpkin growers, sidewalk chalkers, jump ropers, sky divers, coffee servers, protesters, you name it.

* I rode in an ice cream truck and the driver gave me free samples, watched a man drink a glass of muddy, algae-infested river water to prove it was safe, cried with a mom who lost her son to MS, climbed into a pigeon poop covered clock tower on top of a former paper bag factory, sang happy birthday to Martin Luther King with a class of first-graders, watched kids’ faces turn purple in a blueberry pie-eating contest, and so much more. I loved, and still love, writing news stories and features, and have a profound respect for reporters.

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My Thoughts...                                                                                                  Romance at its best this was such a fun read. Full of humor and a fun quirkiness. I could just see myself being friends with the author if she's anything like what she writes about.
This is a book that us "older" girls can relate to and one that is a much needed getaway.
I enjoyed escaping reality for a couple of hours in this one.   I gave this book 4 stars.   T he Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are our own.