Thursday, March 18, 2021

Wolves of War By Adam Conlon


The collapse of peace is inevitable. The kingdom of Tourm has enjoyed peace for fifty years, but the head that wears the crown grows feeble. Unrest rules inside the kingdom and border skirmishes have become common. The nation of Kendala to the south marches on Tourm. The frantic masses whisper... war. Read an authentic tale of Orrick pan Pallaton by Adam TS Conlon.This is a brutal story of duty and triumph in a fantastic adventure. Orrick is a new knight and untested; he must find grit to face deadly challenges on and off the battlefield. Political schemes and dangers in the dark threaten him, while others would like him dead. The kingdom of Tourm is in turmoil, and Orrick must discover the meaning of valor to survive. Delight in a fresh full-length book series with four new books coming this year. This first eye-opening novel "The Threat" will give you a world you won't want to leave. The second book "Siege and Storm" releases this March. In July, the third book of the series "Feast for Flies" excites. Then read the spectacular finale "Crown and Conflagration" this December! 

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Adam T. S. Conlon is a new author. He has long been fascinated with medieval and feudal cultures. He works in pharmacy and practices swordsmanship. “Wolves of War, Act I: The Threat” is his first book.

My Thoughts...
This was outside my comfort zone. But I will say that the premise is a good one. 
The writing was good but I have to be honest this book needs to be edited and then it will be a real gem.
I will hope that the next book coming out in December will be edited in full.
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