Thursday, March 25, 2021

Joining hearts for Christmas By Rebecca Lange


“I give you until the end of this month to find love and accept a proposal. If you can’t find what you are looking for, I will announce your engagement to Lord Kenworthy.”“You can’t be serious, Father! A month? How am I supposed to find love in a month? It is December already.”Lady Charlotte Woodridge always had a mind of her own. Being the daughter of a duke comes with obligations and expectations, something she disapproves of wholeheartedly. She strongly detests how society works and that she is supposed to treat people differently because of their rank and standing. When a man over twenty years her senior asks for her hand in marriage and her father agrees to it, she fights back with all the stubbornness she can summon. She wants to marry for love, not because she is told to marry. When her father agrees to a compromise, it leaves her upset. Lady Charlotte has one month to find her true love and receive and accept a proposal. Was that even possible?

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Rebecca is a mom of two boys (13 and 15 years old), has been married to her husband for over 16 years, and is currently living in Germany. She was actually born and raised in Germany but moved to the US after she met her husband in Scotland at a wedding. (That in itself is a super cool and crazy story.)

She is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and absolutely loves her Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ.

She is fluent in German and English and has challenged herself by writing her books not in her native tongue but in English instead.

Rebecca enjoys reading clean happy-ending stories, loves to watch chick flicks (especially her Christmas Hallmark movie collection), and is a big-time Harry Potter Fan. (She is not kidding on that one. Her house has plenty of decorations of said franchise.)

Her love for writing started early. Even as a child she enjoyed writing stories. Escaping reality as a teenager took place whenever she had a good book in her fingers, her own stories, or watched romantic movies. She has a vivid imagination and so it is easy for her to disappear into a different world. She avoids certain genres because of her imagination, but she is still grateful that she can picture things so vividly. She is definitely a hopeless romantic but likes it when the books she writes or reads (or movies she watches) have a bit of everything.

She writes Young Adult Fiction/ Christian Fantasy and Historical Fiction, but her readers will also find drama, heartbreak, romance, humor, suspense, lots of sarcasm, and sass (a must for her since she is fluent in both), inspirational thoughts and faith in her books.

It is important for her to address difficult topics people don't like to talk about, because in her words: "Only when we speak about these issues can we make a change."
Bullying, Racism, Sexual Harassment, Abuse, Drug, and Alcohol addictions are just some of the topics she tackles straight forward and without sugarcoating. She doesn't believe in avoiding issues because they are uncomfortable. Her beliefs, views, and opinions on those issues are presented in her books the way she feels about it. Her characters are her voice. She calls it as she sees it.